Saturday, June 11, 2016

Health Coach

Well, I went and did it.  I've signed up for a health coach.

I need to lose weight and I need to get more active.  So far, success eludes me.  I did it before (of course I wasn't working then - Got a job and got lazy and now I',m starting all over again...)

 I've tried the diet pills - bajeepers!!  Those things made me feel like I was living in an alternate reality!  Did I lose weight?  Yep.  Was it worth it?  I don't think so.  The risks are too high and I didn't feel like a part of the real world.

I get up early to ride the exercise bike, but other duties seem to call and distract me from the business at hand.  By the time I've cleaned the house, done my blog work, packed my lunch and taken care of the cats, it's time to shower and get the heck out of the door to be at work on time!!  My step goal each day is 6K - and yet I only hit it once or twice a week.

So here I am - Monday is the first call.  I'm going to work with a health coach.

Here I am now -

my happy face
 Can this old, fat lady do it??  I'll keep you posted.

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