Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week I - Health Coach

Yesterday was my first meeting with my coach.  We talked about what I wanted to get out of it and about my overall health and health habits.  Some of my answers were embarrassing, but I was honest.  We'll be meeting every two weeks for six months via email mostly.  So, my overall goals are to lose 50 pounds and to run in a 5K.  But little bits at at time.

The next two weeks my goals are:

Eat AT LEAST 3 fruits and veggies EVERY day!
Walk/Run for 30 minutes AT LEAST 3X a week.

So today I decided I'd start that walking.  It was chilly out, not a typical mid-June morning.  But it felt good. I figured I'd walk for 15 minutes, then turn around and walk home.  Perfect plan.  Then, about 15 minutes into the walk, it started to rain.  Not a summer mist - Rain!

Those aren't rocks you see in the puddle.  Those are drops!

But I trudged on.  As it started to rain harder, I started to run.  But my old out of shape body would only go so far on high speed.  So I walked more.  

And I made it.  I walked for 30 minutes and did just slightly under a mile and a half.  Not bad for the first day out.  And for breakfast - A smoothie made with yogurt and blueberries (one fruit/veggie down).  
Like my glowing aura?  That's actually rain drops on the lens!

Pretty pleased with myself right now.

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