Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What? Three Months??

I really need to be more diligent in my postings!! It's been three months??  No Way!

Yes way - Well - here is what my life has been -

Work - crazy busy at work!! Budgets, Huge fundraising event, USDA renewals, hiring, losing and hiring again.... and the list goes on!

Home - I got sick with the flu - Hubby got sick, but not the flu - two days in the emergency room!  Thankfully he's on the road to recovery.  His insomnia is my insomnia!

Weight loss - well - I hit a plateau - A huge plateau!  So I decided to join weight watchers online.  After a month I'm starting to drop again.  Last weight, 196.5 - Only 45.5 left to go!!  Oh - and I had to buy a new dress for our event.  Last year's was too big!  And this year's was TWO (count them, 1-2) sizes smaller!! WOO HOO

And the hot flashes!! What the heck?  Those were supposed to be gone!  I'm in full blown menopause now and the hot flashes and night sweats have returned!!  I have doctor's appointment next week and will try to get some answers on that.

And so, I will try to commit to weekly posts - I have three other blogs so I get busy and forget this one.  The one that is my saving grace in dealing with this thing called menopause.  The one where I can vent and share and be me - My therapy.

So thank you to all my dedicated therapists that have stuck with me in spite of my inconsistencies!

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