Friday, June 30, 2017

Independence Day

It's almost the 4th of July.  In my family, a holiday was an event and we celebrated with gusto!  Growing up in Huntington Beach, the fourth always starting with a walk down to Lake park to grab ring side seats for the 4th of July parade (going early was dad's job).  After the parade it was time to go home or to the beach for the barbecue - an event for friends and family full of good food, good fun and good people.  


Gotta do croquet!

California is always warm and sunny in July so a backyard barbecue was perfect.  And then, when it started getting dark, we took a walk downtown to the pier for the fireworks display.  

It was a long, full day that was dedicated to family and the celebration of the freedom we enjoy in the US.

Seems things have changed a little.  Although there is still a lot of celebrating, the cause seems to have gotten lost in all the political conflict.  I hear so many people complain about the left or complain about the right - our leaders are doing nothing for us...blah blah blah.  I haven't heard much lately about how great it is in our country to be able to voice those complaints and to have an opinion that differs from the mainstream ideas.  Our country has gone through a lot of change and I believe it will continue to change - like it or not.   But the one thing we cannot ever lose sight of is the freedom that has been fought for over the last 200 years.  The freedom that continues to be fought for.  The freedom that gives us the right to our beliefs.

I've decided that during this month of July - the month that celebrates our independence as a nation and our freedom as people - I will reflect on how much we have and the freedoms that make our nation great.  I will be grateful for all the sacrifices made to give us those freedoms and not take for granted my rights that are given because of these freedoms.  

America IS great and I for one am honored to be here.

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