Sunday, January 1, 2017

Annual Words - What will 2017 bring?

My friend Terri got me started on choosing a word for each year, and then at the end of the year reflecting on how that single word impacted my life.  

2013 - I chose success.  I made a little jar and each time I had a success, I wrote it down and put it in my jar - big or small, it went in.  My jar was pretty full.  I graduated with a B.A. degree, 
started grad school, lost 18 pounds (that I gained back while in grad school), had my first paid portrait photo shoot, and more.  It was a great year!

2014 - Prosperity -  I learned that prosperity comes in many forms.  It isn't just financial, however, we had several unexpected windfalls - one was $12,000.  We got some debt paid off, some much needed repairs done around our home and even took our first real vacation in 6 years!
But we were also blessed with new friendships, new family and more.

2015 - Momentum; lets keeps this going!  The first half of the year was fabulous.  I graduated with a Master's degree
-  my grandson graduated from the National Guard Youth Challenge program (if you don't know what that is, its a program for kids that are having trouble in high school - and it's tough.  Almost half his class either left or were kicked out - but he finished and finished well!).  As 2015 drew to a close the momentum had changed.  I was moving backwards.  I no longer had the push of school to get things done.  I sat.  I watched the world go past me.  My motivation was dwindling.

SO -  bring in 2016.  Not just one word - how about a whole phrase?  Lets get this old girl back on track.  The phrase I chose for 2016 was Forward with INTENTION.  I posted it on my phone, on my bulletin board - a reminder that moving required intention.  But I also had a different thought.  I assumed my movement would be where I wanted it to go.  Wrong.

I learned from that phrase.  Movement is what's important - fast or slow, just move forward.  I learned that when we plan the direction we want to go, sometimes life decides on a different direction.  The intention come in play by choosing to be content with that direction - to go with the flow.  Intention is seeing the golden treasures to be found when the path takes an unexpected turn.  It's choosing to grab onto those jewels and make life beautiful with them.  The intention should be to keep the movement going, allowing the journey to play out in front of us and taking those authentic revelations to heart - making them part of our lives.  So what word for 2017?

2017 -  Discovery