Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Journey

Life is a journey. But it's not a straight and even path. It's not all roses and birds singing. It has twists and turns and thorns and unbearable obstacles. Life throws punches.

As I have been working through my own problems, discovering difficult things about myself and learning to rise above them, I see others around me dealing with things beyond my comprehension. Illness, death, deep personal loss.

As I ponder on my life and how many blessings I've had - how many hills and obstacles I've managed to overcome -  I am grateful for it all. Through it I've learned that we all need to hold on to each other. We are all a part of this journey.

If we humans reach out and hold each other, we can walk this journey of life so much better. Together we can traverse the darkness and together celebrate the joys.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Resting in the Beauty of Nature

My life gets crazy. I work full time as a child care center manager. I am developing a business to train Early Childhood professionals. I have a cooking blog, a photography blog, three cats and a husband. And sometimes I get overwhelmed.

That's when I take some time outdoors. Science tells us that being outdoors enhances creativity and boosts energy. It boosts our immune systems, gives us a good dose of vitamin D (a vitamin most of us are deficient in) and helps us create focus. And that's just being outdoors. Add being in nature to the equation.