Friday, September 21, 2018

With Gratitude

Today is World Gratitude day. I think we need more days like this. Especially this time of year. We are so busy getting ready for back to school - shopping for new clothes, packing lunches, trying to find time to get everything done, ending up exhausted and cranky.

Then we move into Halloween. Gimme gimme gimme. I want candy. It's clear in the phrase the kids use (and used when I was a kid) going door to door. Trick or Treat. Gimme gimme gimme or get a nasty trick.

And then there's Christmas. All I want for Christmas... is not to go broke! Gift buying, food prep, cookie exchanges so you have enough cookies to make sure anyone that gives you anything gets something in return.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Positive Thinking Day

Yep - there is a day for everything - but this is a good one. How often we drop into the doldrums when things don't go they way we expect or the way we think they should. But thinking positive can change the whole course of the day.

When things start to go south, take step back. Put a smile on your face. There's an old adage, fake it till you make it. Wear that smile until it starts to smile inside you. Do you feel the world changing now too?

Stop putting yourself down. Start finding something amazing about yourself and work on believing it! Sit in the park or stand on the beach, savor the moment with yourself. You are amazing - you are comfortable to be with. Enjoy yourself.

Look for something that went right. Expound on that. We had a tree fall on our house. Not fun. There was a lot to feel upset about - but thank heavens no one was in the back yard when it fell. The results could have been disastrous! But we were all safe. Already I'm feeling some relief!

Now step outside your box and do something nice for someone else. I like to practice those "random acts of kindness" from time to time (that's another post all together) and doing something kind makes me feel uplifted. What better way to start thinking positive than to uplift your heart?

And Laugh!!

So here is how I've started my day...

I woke up and told myself, "it's going to be a great day!" And so far it is.
And I've decided to pay attention to each moment, to steer away from those negative thoughts as they creep into my day and replace them with positive thoughts.

What will you do to celebrate Positive Thinking Day?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bring on Fall!

I'm getting tired of the hot weather. You can't sleep. You can't go out and work in the yard. You have no energy. Summer be gone!