Friday, April 24, 2020

Nature Time

Today is Arbor day and Wednesday was Earth day - And this crazy time we're living in has been good for the earth. And it's been good for me.

I've spent a lot of time outside trying to reclaim my yard. We have a 1/4 acre of what we've lovingly always referred to as controlled over growth. And then my husband got sick and couldn't work it. Now it's just overgrowth. Well I want it back.

If you look at the whole thing, it's so overwhelming. We started last year with help from our grandson, our neighbors, and some great high school students. They helped clear out the berries and some of the bamboo. But this year, some of those berries thought they were coming back. Ha!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

National Dandelion Day - Make a Wish

Today is National Dandelion day. It's supposed to be a day to educate people on the qualities of these bright flowers outside the scope of lawn weeds. They are edible, full of vitamins and minerals - and have medicinal properties too. But when I see a dandelion, especially when it's gone to seed, I see a wish. A childhood memory. Something that goes far deeper than vitamins.

These unpredictable times of what our futures will hold and what each day will bring, it is more important than ever to hold on to some magic. 

I've been using this time in captivity to clean some things around the house. get caught up on my blogs and to reflect on what I want from the rest of my life. There are so many things I could choose. I want to retire soon - I want to write a book - I want to take more time for myself. And more than anything, I want to remember that anything is possible. That family is everything. And that life is what we make of it.

So grab yourself a dandelion today. Make a wish - then believe in the magic and make it happen.

Have a lovely day.