Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wild North West Winter (Before Winter)

Winter is still a week away and here in Oregon we are having some pretty good winter weather.  Last week we had freezing rain - not as bad in some places as expected, but pretty good in others.  This week we got snow.  We had almost 3 inches where I live.  But let me explain to you about Oregon snow.

First of all, we don't usually get it in the upper Willamette Valley.  We are a wet state.  In Portland, the average snow fall is 2 inches for the WHOLE month of December, with just one snow day.  And here we are with almost triple that.  And we're not done yet.  They say this is just the beginning.  Even the squirrels are scrambling!

Now for an old lady, this is a problem.  I had to drive home 30 miles in snow that I am not used to driving in, that most of the other drivers are not used to driving in and that the city is not equipped to properly deal with.  I saw multiple cars slide off the road, a truck going way to fast around the corner slide off the road and roll down a hill.  And I was only half way home!

By the time I got home, I was ready for wine - or vodka - or anything!!  My body had turned to jello and I was exhausted from a simple drive home - the drive that normally takes 40 to 45 minutes and took me almost 2 hours!!

Today was a snow day.  Our child development center (I am the director) was closed.  I sat by the fire warming my creaky joints drinking tea and wandering my yard taking pictures.  Now THAT is how us menopausal ladies should spend our time in inclement weather.

Oh - and today is actually National Wear your Pearls day - So here I am!  

Have a safe and warm winter everyone!


  1. I'm glad you got home safely! I wouldn't begin to know how to drive in snow... I hope you stay warm and I love that photo of the squirrel!

  2. I love this blog. I love photography too, and hope to do more travel and in the near future. We get tons of snow in my area, so I'm used to driving in it. But I have been in places that are not used to snow and the residents have no idea how to drive in it. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.


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