Saturday, March 12, 2016


I am an aging woman.  I am a member of the group known as "The Baby Boomers".  I am honestly enjoying getting older - telling people my real age.  I also find the changes in my body to be, well, interesting?

Only an older, menopausal woman will understand sneezeleak.  It's that little dose of incontinence that comes when we cough hard or sneeze or even, sometimes, laugh!  Ack!!  What the heck it this??

I'm not ready for depends.  Not by a long shot.  My ego will simply not allow it.  But what do I do here?  I had a bad cough and went to the doctor and found my self in the corner crossing my legs and clamping down as hard as I could to no avail!  You know, that "Sneeze" posture?  Geez.  What do I do now?

I tried those new things that are out that are supposed to put pressure on the urethra to prevent "leakage".  They look like a tampon.  They hurt.  They made it hard to go when I was really going.  And they didn't work. 

Perhaps this is TMI (Too Much Information), but why are we so hesitant, or flat out opposed, to talk about these thing?  Oddly, it happens to most of us!  It's made me acutely aware of just how self-conscious we are about our bodies.  We prefer to pretend we are perfect, with no odd goings on at all, when just about everyone else around us is doing the same thing!

I propose a challenge.  Let's talk!  What is going on with your aging self and what are you doing about it?  Talk here - talk to a friend - But let's get out there!  Am I the only one that finds these new experiences both interesting and frustrating and in some ways, humorous?  Our bodies are amazing, just how they are at this moment.  Our aging issues are badges of honor that we've made it this far!

Life is short.  We are all young, then we all are old.  Old is not a negative thing.  Old is part of the process. Old is beautiful!  I have a sign in my office that says, "Never regret getting older.  It's a privilege denied many".  It's a privilege I embrace.

This is my mom, a few years before she died.  She was not given the privilege of getting older.  She died at 50.
I am thankful for my aging self.  Sneezeleak and all.  I am thankful for the experiences in my life, memories I would not have had I not lived all the years that I have.  I am thankful for today and treasure the moments.  Tomorrow is promised to no one - Today is a treasured gift.  Don't let it slip away.

This is me and my grandson.  If I were not getting older, I would not have this amazing young man in my life.  He is a treasure!

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