Sunday, May 15, 2022

Share the Wealth Linky #19

 First - let me apologize for not visiting all the posts. I have been pretty sick trying to get some nasty asthma under control. I do so appreciate everyone who took the time to share their great ideas!! I look forward to finding some new things to this time!! 

The garden faire was wonderful! I'll be posting what I bought and what I did with it towards the end of the week. It's been very slow going. 

So what are you up to? What projects do you have planned this season? Come on in, share your creative posts - cooking, crafts, gardening, journaling - anything that can spur those creative juices! 

On the first and 15th every month a new party will start and run until the day before the next one is to start (14th and last day of the month). 

Please remember to share something you did not share at the last party

Each party will have a theme, but anything that has anything to do with hearth and home is welcome! 

This party theme: Summer Picnics and Parties

This is a collaboration of ideas ~ And we want yours!

So come on in and party with us!

Share as many as FIVE posts!


Here are the top two visited posts that followed the theme. Thanks everyone for visiting and posting! 

Cactus - Free embroidery Pattern - Keeping it Real

DIY Homemade Household Week Killer - Scratch Made Food & DIY Homemade Household

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Here are some great ideas for those summer parties and picnics!


  1. Thanks for sharing - and hosting the Party :-)

    Sorry to hear about your struggle with asthma: I understand that. I hope you rebound quickly.

    Have a funtastic week!

    1. Thanks - I'm getting there - pulled a muscle in my back from the coughing!! And I keep making it worse because I want to get out and garden - ah well. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining our party!! Have a fabulous week.

  2. Thanks Helen for hosting. Healing thoughts are with you and I'm sending soft pink light to help you. My posts this time are "Summertime and Reading is Easy and Awesome" and "Shower Power and Affirmations." Wishing you and readers a beautiful day, Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health

    1. I think I feel the light!! Asthma is getting better. Now if I'd rest long enough to let the pulled muscle in my back (from coughing) to heal... LOL - I appreciate your kind words and positive thoughts - and thanks for sharing at our party!! Have wonderful week!

  3. Helen, I hope you are better! Thanks for hosting and featuring my Homemade Household DIY Weed Killer post!

    1. I'm getting there - thanks!! And thanks for sharing your great posts! I use the same weed killer. Works great and saves the wild life.

  4. Fingers crossed you feel better real soon!


    1. Thanks Alexandra - I'm getting there. And thanks for sharing at the party. Hope the rest of your month is fantastic.


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